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St. Mary's Catholic School-NFP

Interesting story attached to the win: The studio almost didn’t have an entry due to serious work injuries to their own team float builders (partially amputated finger and breakage of more moving a stage), then a loss of the truck/trailer and driver due to a changed work schedule. The Dance studio posted on FB Community Share Group that they were in desperate need of some help and that is where Fergus long haul truck driver Michael Wilkinson stepped in to not only offer his truck and trailer, but he spent two nights in a row, staying up until 3am building the team a gingerbread house and installing lighting.


He had no connection to the studio, other than that they needed help and he didn’t want to see the kids disappointed about not being able to participate. In the end it turns out that Michaels daughter attended dance classes when Move With Grace owner Robyn Tedesco was the director at Fergus Elora Academy of dance 12 years back.


In this picture are the children that helped create the costumes and decorate with Owner Robyn Tedesco 5th from left- Michael Wilkinson-driver and construction of float, Lion Joe Van Den Borre presenting the trophy. ​

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