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Elora Lions Free Hot Dogs





Elora Lions have been serving free hot dogs and lemonade on Dominion Day for as long as I can recall. In 1867 Canada was born and back then the country's birthday was referred to as Dominion Day. I can't say for sure but I don't think hot dogs had even been invented let alone lemonade!


In 1982 the government of Canada changed the holiday name to Canada Day. So when your parents and grandparents wish you and each other Happy Dominion Day....humour them and try not to roll your eyes. Besides they might beat you to the front of the line for their free hot dog!

Mark your calendars:

CANADA DAY ~  - July 1, 2020

Rain or Shine ~ Bissell Park

for FREE Hot Dogs & Lemonade! 

Find us Elora Lions under our pavilion,

service starts at noon.

The content below is courtesy of the Wellington Advertiser:

Cancelled due to COVID-19

When Ron Archibald was a young lad he was one of many that participated in the Soap Box Derby! 

Elora Lions Club held the Elora Jamboree from 1953 through to 1957. Each derby participant would have received the following cotton felt badges. 

Photographs of the badges found posted in the online Wellington County Museum Archives. Badges donated by Ron Archibald.

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