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Elora Lions Club 


We serve by choice, we help people and families within

our quaint village; rewarded only from the smiles and joyful

expressions received year round

Lion Rick Scott - My Story:

I have been a member of the Elora Lions Club for 18 years.


Growing up I remember my dad being a member of a local service club, his example instilled in me the desire to give back and contribute to my community. 

So when asked to join it was an easy decision. We all lead busy lives between work and family commitments but our club makes it easy to be involved and make such important contributions to the Elora community.

Lion Hilda Wainwright My Story:

My husband Larry first joined Lions in 1977 as a Charter Member of the Fergus Lions Club, it was just not my forte at that time to join any organization.


Larry’s vision started to fail in 1976, I attended most of the meetings and functions anyway and when he became Governor in 1989, spouses played an important role during a Governor's year.


In 2002 when we returned to Fergus and Larry went back to being a member of the Fergus Lions Club he asked if I would be willing to join the Club and we would serve together. I was inducted into the Fergus Club January 2003.


I did serve Fergus Lions as President and then Treasurer.


In 2007 Larry started to help organize the Ariss and District Branch Lions Club he left the Fergus club and  then joined with Ariss.

In 2010 I left the Fergus Club and Larry and I became Charter Members of the now Ariss and Maryhill Lions Club and I became the Charter Secretary. 


Since Larry became totally blind 3 years ago and we are now both in our 80’s and not able to give full service to Lions membership what we do in Lions now we do as a team.


I have met many wonderful Lions, Lioness and Leos while involved with Lionism, not only in District A15, MDA and Clubs in Florida, especially Dixieland Lions Club.

I have no regrets since accepting Larry’s invitation to join and have seen and experienced many examples of the difference we make as Lions.

I have first hand knowledge of the difference a Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide can make in the life of a recipient and his family. Thanks Otis.

Lion Jim Keating - My Story:

When I was 14 I was in a bad accident and my family did not have much money, and the Lions Club helped out.


When I first started out in business my Bank Manager, George Hughes was a member of the Elora Lions and he helped me start my business, over time George and I became good friends. 


George had encouraged me to attend a few meetings as his guest and shortly after that I joined and have been serving my community as an Elora Lion member for many years. 

Lion Tom Waind - My Story:

Growing up here in Elora, Lions was always never far from my mind as my father Hugh was a Lions member during this time. 


There used to be a regularly scheduled Lions meeting each year where a Lion was asked to bring their son or daughter out to the meeting. 

It was an early introduction to Lions and the local characters that made up the Elora Lions Club at the time. This, and the annual fireworks displays, made a strong impression on me as a child.


I joined Elora Lions in 1988 as it seemed to be the right way to give back to the community. Elora has been a community that has been good to myself and our family and I feel it is important to give back. 


I vividly remember the first meeting I attended as Ben Johnston had just been stripped of his gold medal at the 1988 Olympics. It was the hot topic amongst members at the meeting. 


Lions has also lead to many friendships and connections both in the club and in the community at large. Elora Lions is a wonderful community organization that I am proud to be part of.

Lion Kevin Crozier - My Story:

I have been a member of Elora Lions since 2002. At the time I joined I was interested in giving back to my community and saw the Elora Lions as a great institution that allowed me to contribute to a variety of local and regional causes.


I have enjoyed being a part of a service club that has such a long history of serving the needs of our community and the needs of individuals within our community.


It has been a very rewarding experience for me personally and I count my fellow Lions as friends.


Another important feature for me is being an example to my two sons that are growing up to be young men.


I think that it is important for my boys to see through example that their dad is involved in helping others in their community.

My Story - Lion Glen Kelley:

My introduction was not nearly as exotic as Lion Richard's story. Ok 1979......that’s getting very close to 40 years.


I joined the Elora Lions Club after the kindness of Hugh Waind, (Lion Tom's Father) his desire to introduce me to some local business people and some community minded individuals who were also Lion members.


Back then (pre technology) the club was very socially active with regular events hosted by the Elora Lions and Lioness club. We would meet in the community centre and organized couples evening excursions. 


It was great team building and combined well with our then Elora Lioness club. Many of who were wives of Elora Lion members.


We often had guest speakers at dinner functions and they shared news of projects that were being funded or sponsored by Lions clubs locally and worldwide.


Community events were always fun barbeques, fireworks, dinners and dance parties. They were exciting times, of course that was before Smartphones and Google. 


I have always enjoyed being able to assist those in need locally who were unable to access assistance from other agencies.


From monitoring devices to medical equipment, eyeglass and hearing aids…..we were rewarded often for our efforts with expressions of appreciation from the recipients.


I believe this to likely be most fulfilling for all Lions members. t has been a rich experience with some great community minded individuals.

Time flies by when you are still having fun! 

Lion Charlene Dwyer - My Story:


Thanks Lion Julia for reaching out to me on Instagram. As you are well aware I am a very proud Lion, below is my journey into Lions and why I continue to do so...I hope this is what you are looking for...I am here to help with anything that I can help you with....happy to do so! Thanks again for thinking of me. This is somewhat long winded, but I have so much to say about my journey in Lionism and why I am still here!

I began my Lions career in February of 2005. I worked in a real estate office and one of the Realtors was a Lion with the Campbellford Lions Club (District A3). I spent time creating posters and flyers for the Lions Club's day one of the Lions came into the office and asked the Realtor if they had ever asked me to come to a meeting...the Realtor said "why no I hadn't", so I was invited out to their meeting, and the rest as they say is history!


I researched what Lions do, as I myself had no idea what the Lions Club in my community did. It was amazing to learn about the many projects and this also led me to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide programs. I jumped into Lions with both feet, becoming the Club Secretary and organizing the first Walk for Dog Guides in our community. In 2009 I moved to Guelph and transferred into the Guelph Lions Club (District A15).


Once again I quickly became involved in my Club with the position of Secretary which then led me to being Lion Chief for two years. I also became involved with the Walk for Dog Guides in our community. I was honoured to be nominated by my Club for the position of Zone Chair 51 East. Since that time I had the pleasure to take many Lions Leadership courses not only through my District, but also through Lions International (online) as well as attending the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute.


I have been honoured to travel through the offices of Zone Chair, Region Chair, 2nd Vice District Governor, 1st Vice District Governor and was honoured to become District A15 Governor for 2017-2018. I currently serve as the Immediate Past District Governor.


The opportunities for personal growth and leadership skills is amazing, I have learned so much from the Clubs in A15, as well as my mentors. What keeps me coming back to Lions each year is the knowledge that we are truly making a difference in the lives of those in need, not only in my own community but in our Global Village as well.

My husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity to host our Lions International Youth through the LCI Bruce Murray A15 Youth Exchange. My heart swells with pride being a Lion when I hear from parents what a difference the Vision Screening Program made in the vision for their child preventing a serious vision problem, the thank you from families who receive the Christmas Hamper, Toys and Gifts for their family, the stories of the thankful recipients of our Dog Guides provided at no cost to them through our Lions Foundation of Canada.


The pride in our Lions Clubs International Foundation helping our communities build playgrounds and more as well as disaster relief, our Lions Quest program who is providing training and support to our teachers and community leaders to help youth make life changing decisions and teach the dangers of drugs and bullying. I am so proud of our many Youth programs such as our LEO program, Creative Writing, Peace Poster, to name a few. 


To say the least.....being a Lion has taught me to be humble, as well as kind to everyone and to be thankful every day for the many blessings in my life. I am here to support any woman who would be considering becoming a Lion, I can tell you, you would never regret it!


We as Lions have a phrase...."Kindness Matters", and we truly the vessel that delivers!


I am very proud to be a Lion and I wear my Lion pin with great respect and pride in our Organization.

- Lion Charlene Dwyer

Past District Governor (A15)

Proud member of the Guelph Lions Club

Lion Julia Hanson 

- My Story:

Grew up in Toronto and moved to Fergus in 2016. As a kid I would regularly travel with my Mom to visit my Granny who split her time living between Elora and Florida. 


First to leave the house was my Sister, she married a local and years after that my parents retired and moved to Elora.


I joined the Elora Lions Club April 2017 for a variety of reasons here are just a few:

  • majority of the Elora Lions are similar in age 

  • I wanted to meet new people 

  • and that Helen Keller had asked the Lions to be her "Knights". 


My induction into the club, was led by the Former

District Governor - Lion Charlene Dwyer. I am sure she said many things about Lionism.... but all I recall was being taught how to "Roar Like A Lion" and I did. Thank goodness no photos were taken! This memory still makes me giggle. 

I am truly proud to be a Lion member; we serve where we can and at home within our community. 

Lion Richard Burt - My Story:

I first came across Lions while I lived in Uganda (both Lions Clubs and a few four legged ones!), and when several years later I was invited to join the local Club in Cornwall UK I had no hesitation in accepting the invitation.


We moved to Canada not long after and I truly became a Lion in Manitoba.  Serving a relatively small community in large and small ways was a challenge and at the same time satisfying – and it was also a lot of fun!   Being involved in the wider world of Lions, on District Cabinet and also at International Conventions, showed me just how great a voice Lions have throughout the world.  After all, 1.5 million people striving toward common goals can –and do - achieve mighty things.


The Elora Lions Club may be different in some ways, but its goals, its outreach, its camaraderie are the same, and I’m honoured to continue to serve with our Club in this community.

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