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Elora Lions Club


Welcome to the Elora Lions Club, we are glad you have stopped by

Perhaps you have noticed some changes to our website since your last visit; we have updated our colours, changing content and adding new insights as to why We Serve as Lion Members.

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding activities you can do for your community. We are just people helping people. 

Boys club culture the Elora Lions are not; yes our members predominantly are men; however by the end of 2021 we hope to attract an equal number of women to participate in the Elora Lions Club.


The Elora Lions Club is recruiting new members 

do you have five hours a month to spare? 

Given COVID-19 is our new reality the club now meets via skype just 2x a month to discuss 

current and new business.

Whether you are a planner, a do-er or just

motivated to see more projects take place within our village we need more members. 

We Need You!

Photograph Credit: Daniel Dunlop

Instagram @the__stash


Did you know:

In 1917 a kind hearted salesman named Melvin Jones from Chicago, Illinois, USA held the first Lions meeting.


The Original Constitution written in October 1917 stated: Women were invited to join Lions as equal members to men. 


1918 the Lions Constitution was changed to limit membership to men.

Just three years later in 1920 the first Lions Club in Canada was founded in Windsor, Ontario; making Lions an International Organization, now referred to as Lions Club International (LCI).

From there on Lions Club of Canada bloomed to have 1516 Clubs across our beautiful country. 

What is more remarkable, collectively 35,000 people of all ages represent Leos, Lions and Lioness that choose to serve in Canada.

It would be almost 70 years before women would be once again welcomed into Lions Clubs International (LCI) as equal members.

July 1987, at the Lions Clubs International Convention, delegates voted to open the association’s membership to women around the world.

LCI is a charitable service movement that has helped more than $240 Million people worldwide.



Elora Lions Serve.

We serve where we live. We are ready whenever and however our community needs us. 


As an Elora Lions we get involved. We roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to help our community. We treat new members like old friends. 

As an Elora Lion you are part of International Association of Lions Clubs world's largest service organization - we give 100%.

In fact people are surprised that we pay yearly dues but.....they only work out to about a cup of coffee a week & these dues cover the cost of running our club. 

Every dollar raised locally goes back into the community. Lions Clubs have served for more than a century. Elora Lions has been around since 1947 - that's before I was born!

We need new voices to join us. We want to support Elora with more projects, more events and more smiles. 

Future Initiatives include:

- start a Leos Club

- grow membership numbers

- increase women in membership

Join the Elora Lions to help make a difference not only in other lives but in yours as well. 

For more information contact Lion Joe by email or leave a telephone message. 


Telephone: (519) 843-5528

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